LUZ CAMINO, first art, then jewellery

It is not every day that a Spanish artist gets to the top of the Art Jewellery world, here is Luz Camino’s well deserved homage. After more than two decades making and designing strikingly unusual pieces of jewellery or little bejewelled sculptures, Madrid based Luz Camino is currently featured in the recently published book  “21st Century Jewellery Designers”, retailed at Bergdorf Goodman in New York and exhibited in  the Museum of Arts and Design in New York and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Yet in Spain she is a connoisseur’s secret, her work is admired by artists and coveted by collectors but still unknown to the general public. She is the first Spaniard that has succeeded as an Art Jeweller, hopefully she will have paved the way for younger talent. And perhaps this will mark the beginning of Art Jewellery being truly appreciated in Spain. Luz Camino enamel wing brooch


Art Rocks Contemporary Jewellery is a new Art Gallery concept focused on unique handcrafted jewels designed and made by contemporary artists. Art Jewellery today has entered the fine art space as a mean for both the makers and the collectors to express themselves through a piece of art. The former makes it and the latter selects how to wear it. It is Art entering a new dimension in a personalised way.

The exhibitions travel around the world being hosted by contemporary Art Galleries and Museums with an interest to expand into this rapidly growing Art category.

Art Rocks Contemporary Jewellery was launched in London in December 2011. It’s tremendous success has brought to life other projects like Art Rocks LAB, a gemstone sponsorship programme for new artists.


Art Rocks was launched in Mayfair, London at Shizaru Gallery with a 10 artist collective exhibition that represented the dialogue between UK artist/jewellers with an eclectic mix of artists from different cultures and geographies who had in common the unique and rare combination of excellent craftsmanship with superb artistic background.


Jewellery of great craftsmanship, design and originality has always been my passion. For a long time, i have felt jewels warranted an exhibition in an art environment – ‘wearable art‘ if you will – and that pieces should reflect the wearer’s individuality. Finding well made examples is another matter, something ‘Art Rocks‘ hopes to remedy through showing works of international jewellery designer-makers.

The role that jewellery has held throughout history has not changed. It elicits an emotional as well as aesthetic response. Each piece offers the maker and the wearer a means of expressing themselves through its art. As far back as the 18th century, artisans would incorporate eye miniatures in their work to convey the soul of a loved one, and later lovers exchanged jewelled swallows as a promise to return in the summer. Jewellery has always conveyed a sense of meaning, in a tradition that continues with a select few artists today.

What has declined in recent decades is the quality of workmanship, with mass production diluting both originality and emotion. Now, once more, people are seeking jewels that reflect their own personality, instead of wearing the tags of a corporate brand, and discovering that there is a whole other world, which is also called jewellery. There is an opportunity to educate these new collectors and make them even more discerning. By bringing together established masters and emerging talents, ‘Art Rocks’ reveals a renaissance in the domain of art-jewellery.

The jewellers I have selected for this selling exhibition ‘Art Rocks‘ have one thing in common – their envious ability to manipulate and combine different materials and stunning gemstones to create unique jewels of aesthetic brilliance and conceptual significance. It is exhilarating to unite some of today’s great names in jewellery with the cream of young talent, encouraging the next generation to follow in the footsteps of the great masters before them.